We used lockdown to free our minds.
Here you can keep track of our quick fire ideas.

Day 1: Kill the Meerkats

Day 2: Magic Plungers

Day 3: Mike Dyson

Day 4: Nacho Road Signs

Day 5: In the Living Zoom

Day 6: The Big Shave

Day 7: The Shadow of Corona

Day 8: Silent Movies Muted

Day 9: Knight and Day

Day 10: Foodie Over Footie?

Day 11: The farm life chose me

Day 12: The recipe! We're talking about the recipe!

Day 13: Dead men tell no tales

Day 14: Roadman robin

Day 15: Jeep = beer

Day 16: Boo for bog roll

Day 17: Ambient non-stick pans

Day 18: Spot the Pot

Day 19: A wee dram of bath water please bartender

Day 20: Luco lifesaver

Day 21: No more dry spells

Day 21: Saturday night sliders

Day 21: Straight from the bottle

Day 22: From shit to chic, IKEA 

Day 22: So succulent, so precious, IKEA 

Day 22: Light up my life, IKEA 

Day 23: Gym partner? Covid says no 

Day 23: I lift with Eilish

Day 24: Soaring, flying there's not a star in heave...
Day 25: Unda tha sea
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